Stereotypes among women

I’ve been thinking a lot today about women and the standards we are held to in society today. We are always expected to be strong, hiding our true feelings. Case in point: the DayQuil and NyQuil commercials on tv, it bothers me that the dads take NyQuil and the moms take DayQuil I mean in conventional society we see families portrayed where it is frowned upon for the moms to work, most of the time it’s the dads. I think when we as women conform to stereotypes conveyed in television shows and on social media it takes our focus off of what we really need. I’m reminded of Romans 12:2 ““Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” We are often expected to be clothed in strength but when we aren’t it’s frowned upon. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like a lot of times when women are emotional men run the other way rather than supporting us. 

I’ve been struggling to stop questioning why I feel certain ways when I do. Just feeling okay with where I am is hard for me to do and I won’t be the first to admit it. I’m learning how to be more independent and focus on what I feel I need when I need it. So tonight I decided to put miracles from heaven in and sit and watch it knowing that it was probably going to make me cry, I was okay with that. I’ve been reminding myself a lot today to just let go and let God take control and I think at one point or another we all struggle with that. Someone said something to me today that really stuck in my mind, when you walk into a room with a pile of junk in it you can’t question why it’s there, where you’re going to put it, how you’re going to handle it you just have to put it aside sometimes and move on. Whether that means laying in a dark room alone crying, running to a friend for comfort, or just putting on a movie to relax yourself don’t let junk get in your way. It’s not going to get you anywhere. 

I was reminded tonight of the worship song “Your words” by third day and hope that these lyrics will encourage whoever reads this post! “Let me hear Your words Above all other voices  Above all the distractions in this world Let me hear Your words Above all of the voices  Above all the distractions in this world For Your words bring life And Your voice speaks promises Lord, Your love offers more Than anything else in this world Your words give us life that’s never ending Your words bring us love that never fails Everything else will fade away But what will remain Are Your words!”