The importance of alone time

I never really used to value being alone quite frequently as an only child. I always wanted a friend to play with or someone to hang out with but as I get older I realize the importance of alone time. Sometimes it’s the difference between blowing up on someone and being totally sane. Being an only child, it’s hard to often find comfort and accepting comfort when it’s most needed. Today was one example of that, all day I was fine, not too emotional but still kinda emotional. It didn’t manifest itself until I made the mistake of getting my parents the wrong ice cream flavor from baskin Robbins which literally made me cry for whatever reason tonight. I don’t know if it was just stemmed from reflecting even more or just new things that were brought to my attention today. Either way it just manifested itself after I brought the wrong ice cream, something so simple but what really set me off tonight. 

After all of that happened I decided to watch the movie safe haven and it sparked some questions in my mind: 1) where do I feel safe? 2) what shape are my relationships in? And 3) how do I need to change? Whether it be accused of being a liar or just everything I say getting fought about, being alone is one of the most important things to process everything. Sometimes you just need to be alone and think about everything.


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  1. onmyway44 says:

    So important ! I actually also wrote a post about the importance of solitude. It is so important to spend time alone to find the right answers and make the right choices. It’s nice to read somebody elses take on this 🙂


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