Be still

Yesterday as I was rushing from class to class, I began to stop and think knowing I had 4 minutes left to get back to class before the professor started to lecture after our 10 minute break, why is this world so fast paced. Why am I planning out how much time I would have to drop off my water, use the restroom and still get a snack before she began to lecture again? I shrugged it off and rushed to drop my stuff off in my next class and run down to get more water and a quesadilla something a little more substantial than my first snack. So I get back to class and I’m out of breath from practically running upstairs, and it crosses my mind again why am I always in such a rush? Maybe it was the caramel macchiato sugar rush that I had influencing these thoughts but then I stopped and thought no I’m always moving this fast and my brain just about as fast if not faster. 

Why do we as a culture move so fast? We are so impatient waiting for something to get done, when it says in the Bible “be still” over 100 times. Have you ever thought about how many opportunities you’ve been given but you don’t slow down enough to make the best of the moments where God gives us the chance to speak into other people but we just pass up the chance. I think we need to slow down and encourage one another to live life the way god has called us to bringing him the glory that he deserves. 



Prayer is such a vital role in the Christian lifestyle. I think more often than not we leave out things on our mind when we pray, at least I do. It might just be me, but prayer is one thing I struggle with being consistent in. When it gets hardest for me to pray and probably when I should pray most I have a hard time finding the right words to pray and talk to God about everything I’m feeling. I think the more that we confess to one another what we are feeling is so vital to our prayer lives as a means to discover what we are supposed to or feeling led to pray for. In times of trouble it is often hardest to pray, and I’m sure I’m not the first to realize that or even share that, but God wants us to run to him when it’s hardest to communicate with him! Some things are better than a hallelujah and some times tears are those things, God sees every tear we cry and knows that it is another form of prayer. Reflecting on the last year of my life brings tears to my eyes, how much I’ve faced and how much I’ve grown in my faith. Prayer is such a good way to release built up feelings whether through tears or words. Philippians 4:6 says “be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving…” I think in today’s society it is harder to not be anxious even with as easy as it is to overthink and dwell on what we think could happen. Life won’t always be easy but when it knocks you down run to God and find strength in him to build up better coping mechanisms. Finally, you never know what someone else is going through, so those you see on the streets that may seem down on their luck stop and pray with them or just for them. Leave the judging up to God and just be the best role model you can be for those who might not believe in your life to encourage them to build a relationship with God.